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Genex Capital offers $550,000 more than JG Wentworth for a Structured Settlement

As proof that Genex Capital pays the most money for your structured settlement payments, this week we outbid JG Wentworth by $550,000 by…
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Genex Capital wins 1st Place (Gold) in the Connecticut Law Tribune’s Readership Survey

I am pleased to announce that Genex Capital won 1st Place (Gold) in the category of The Best Legal Support company as determined…
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Seller Beware when dealing with Structured Settlement Funding Companies

We continue to hear about prospective sellers of structured settlements being taken advantage of by funding companies (competitors to Genex Capital) in a…
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When Interest Rates go Up the Value of your Structured Settlement Goes Down!

You may have heard in the media in recent weeks that interest rates have bottomed and are slowly creeping back up. I believe…
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