Genex Guarantee

The Genex Guarantee

No surprises, just money your money, your way. Enjoy peace of mind with our guarantee.

The Genex Guarantee


Offer - The price quote(s) we provide for the sale of your annuity payment rights constitute offers to buy your structured settlement payment rights or other annuity payment(s). The prices shown on our Web Site are guaranteed for 48 hours from time of posting in order to provide you time to decide whether to accept or decline. If you do not accept an offer within 48 hours from the date the offer is posted, the offer is no longer valid and you should check with us prior to acceptance to make sure the price has not changed. You are advised to either accept the offer online or contact Genex Capital at the phone number provided on this Web Site to confirm such offers if the 48 hours period has expired.

No Risk- Each offer presented to you is a net price unless otherwise stated. As such, the legal costs to complete the transfer, but for the cost of an independent professional advisor representing you, including but not limited to court costs and fees are paid by us regardless of whether or not the judge hearing your case approves the transfer, subject to any agreement to the contrary between you and us.


You get the Best Price up front-No haggling and no obligation.

You will get your Offers fast-usually in less than 24 hours.

You will get fair and accurate price quotes.

Your transfer will be processed in the fastest time permitted by law.


If inaccurate or incomplete information is supplied to us the actual price offered may be different from the price quotes given.

We do not guarantee that your transaction will close should you decide to proceed with an offer because, among other things, your transaction is subject to the discretion of the court.

While we agree to complete your transaction in the fastest time permitted by law, individual cases may experience time delays if there are unusual or unforeseen factors. In such circumstances you will be kept informed of any delay and the reason for same.

If any of the payment rights that you have offered for sale are paid to you by the insurance issuer you will keep those payments and the guaranteed price offered to you will be reduced by that same amount. 


If you are presently in bankruptcy proceedings and have not been discharged we reserve the right to deduct a fee from the offer in order to cover additional processing expenses.

If you are selling life contingent payment rights, we reserve the right to deduct from the offered amount life insurance and other transaction costs unique to such a transaction.

If you choose to consult your own attorney or financial advisor for advice you are responsible for these fees, except where prohibited by State law.